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Led by a pair of hard-working Waikato farm boys, with a vision to bring fresh export quality meat direct to your door, we aim to be one of the best online meat delivery services in town. We source our high-quality meat from first-rate farms across the Upper North Island.
Fair n Fresh has a goal to maintain the lifestyle of farmers in New Zealand by linking customers more closely to the farmers who supply what goes on the kiwi dinner plate. We endorse a full ‘gate to plate’ philosophy.
Here at Fair n Fresh, we believe our customer has the right to know where their food has come from so we have partnered with a few local farmers. Fresh healthy sustainable meat sourced locally, fair to the farmer and fresh to you. 

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Chilled vac-pac meat is one of the best ways to buy fresh meat. Vacuum packaging is preferred by the food industry for its long storage life, preserving the flavour and sealing in the freshness.

So, when you’re hankering for a little crackle, why not try to buy pork online? Browse, select and confirm your order, and wait for your pork delivery to arrive on your doorstep.

When stored at 0 degree Celsius, vacuum packed; pork can be kept for 1-3 weeks, lamb 4-6 weeks and beef for up to 12 weeks.

Vac-pac meat should be used immediately after opening. When the pack is opened the meat will be a dark purplish-red colour, however this will change to a bright red colour after 10 or so minutes of opening.

With the use of vacuum packing Fair n Fresh can deliver an excellent standard of product quality, flavour and a longer shelf life. Now, there’s no reason to buy frozen meat online, when you can have fresh meat delivered to your door.

Ensure Your Meat Is Fresh

Our Butchers have undergone training on various aspects of the butchery and its product range and thus are able to advise optimum solutions to meet your weekly menu requirements. Contact us for more information.

A few things to note:
As meat ages, it loses its ability to hold water. This amount can vary, but is around 1-2% of total weight over a 3 week period.

There is also potentially confinement odour, this mostly occurs in pork and chicken. The odour is generally a strong smell rising from the fluid of the meat after it is sealed in by vacuum packing. In most instances the product is not affected by the odour, but if so it could be caused by high PH levels.

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We take our responsibility to the land, the animals and the people that care for them – the farmers – seriously. We believe that if we do the farmer justice by providing a fair price, a high-quality meat to our community, and ensure we utilize all cuts to reduce wastage, we will help create a sustainable supply chain from our farmers direct to your door.